Why Localize

You reach more people –

When you localize your game, you reach fans in territories that might otherwise miss the finer points – if not the entirety – of your carefully constructed creation.

Even in countries where English as a second language ranks high, you’ll find idioms, slang and double meanings to be surprising blind spots.
If your end-user’s English is 80% as good as their native language there’s still a 20% risk of something vital getting lost.
And if you ever played Secret of Monkey Island before you were old enough to understand the puns during sword fights, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Localization gives gamers from all over equal access to your world and makes sure your message is carried faithfully across language gaps.
That way no one gets punished for speaking a different language or gets lost during an important mission because they didn’t pay attention in English class.

And not only do your fans understand you. They get a personal reminder that you understand them as well – that their culture and market is a priority to you. That they’re in a meaningful relationship with a brand that cares enough to speak their language. Because the difference between a userbase and a community is understanding.

– and make more money –

But maybe you’re more concerned about the bottom line.
Is localization worth it?

Different genres and developers have very different localization requirements – from text heavy adventures to casual mega hits, from AAA blockbusters to pure art. But by adding just a touch of expert insight we get impressive ROI across the board and build brand loyalty in new territories every day.

Localized marketing performs significantly better and gets new customers to the store.
Localized content makes them stick around.
And good localization makes them come back for more.

We know that every game meets unique challenges and requires different solutions.
We also know how to prepare and execute those solutions to find the best localization for your specific needs.
That’s how we make our customers come back.

– when you understand each other.

Localizing your game means giving all fans equal access to your creation.
For which they’ll reward you with loyalty and cash.
What’s not to love?

We offer high quality at competitive rates because we know the market – we’ve been here for more than 10 years – and quick conversion because we already know the audience. We’re it.
Get in touch with one of our project managers and let us help you share your vision – from fans to fans.