About Us

The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

That’s why we localize.
To make sure the incredible creatures and weird worlds we love can be understood in every corner of the real world we share.

Since 2010 we have helped bring games, apps, mystery walks and monster manuals to local markets and kindred spirits everywhere – from our main hub in Copenhagen and via our partners and network all over the globe.

We cover just about every fandom, from anime to zombies, mostly because we can’t help ourselves.
Because it was the love for games and all things geek that brought us here.
The impractical obsessions and quirky passions that in most walks of life would be almost useless – but absolutely essential when describing the difference between a dragon and a wyvern.
Because the nerd is in the details and the wrong word sticks out like a severed goblin thumb.

When we offer local insight, it’s not only into territories and languages but into the subcultures and sociolects that make up the gaming realms.
We understand the end-user because we know their mother tongue and brother’s slang.
That’s our guarantee for not only wider but deeper reach.

With no localization your audience might not get you.
With the wrong localization, they might think you don’t get them.
That’s when the message needs character.