Our Services

10+ years of experience, 20+ languages


We offer translation for more than 20 languages and solutions to all kinds of content. Whether it’s menus or marketing, subtitles or UX writing, entire epics or a single haiku, we got you covered.

Our translators are experts in their native languages and finding the right style for many different channels – as well as the geek spheres and gaming universes we share.


Is the tone, rhythm and core of your message more important than the words themselves?
Is the tagline or payoff based on a pun that doesn’t quite work in other languages?
That’s when you need transcreation.

We have a wide network of copywriters and creative minds who will help your message across with the excitement, engagement and thoughtful punch it deserves.

Project management – from prephase to LQA

Our project managers are the hard working organisers behind the scenes who rarely get the credit they deserve.
They help prepare projects, make sure formats are right, establish Q&A channels, keep impossible deadlines and arrange LQA for the final quality control – so you don’t have to.
They are the all essential timesavers, challenge breakers and solution makers that’ll help you bring your game to the masses as if by magic.


Want to make some noise?
From our in-house studio we bring high-end audio and dubbing to all who are listening.
Games for children, big name voice assistants and apps to help with visual disabilities.
However your creative vision might sound, we got the right engineers, actors and directors to deliver high fidelity and great performances in Protools HD for all industry standards.


If the budget is tight, cheap solutions and skipping LQA can seem like a good idea.
But when 18 million German fans are scratching their heads at Fledermaus Mensch instead of getting excited for Batman, it’s an unkind reminder that you get what you pay for.

All too often we receive projects started by translators who wouldn’t know a PlayStation from a space station – sometimes requiring complete rework.
We can help you get the most for your loc buck and avoid small mistakes that in the wrong hands can turn into costly problems.
Reach out early and make sure you get the optimal solution for your needs.
Seriously, ask us anything. A little goes a long way if you know how to use it. We do and we’re more than happy to share it with you.