Character Publishing is a publishing company focused on entertainment and video games in particular.

Our list of publications over the years includes:

– Gameplay, the print games magazine

– The official Danish FIFA print magazine for Electronic Arts’ football game FIFA 14

– Minecraft: Klodser, pixels og kunsten at score kassen – a book about the game Minecraft

– Store drømme, små mirakler – a book about the Danish games industry

– The websites and

– The interactive app book Monto and the Forest Pirates in collaboration with the author of the children’s comic book franchise The Knomes, Jan Kjær.

We are currently proofing and delivering content for Aller’s new esports platform 1337 Magazine (, managing text, photography and social media communities for Live Nation’s COPENHELL 2015 music festival ( and producing content for Nordic Game’s website (

Character Publishing handles a wide range of different client publishing tasks on a daily basis, from production of articles, PR, communications and social media to editing and proofing, and we have many years of experience working with customers from completely different industries, from games and music to art and travelling.

We work primarily in the Nordic languages (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish) and English, but we can include most other languages on demand through our extensive network of international translators. Our tasks range from fully independent content production to working closely together with customers, often on-site, and adapting very quickly to new workflows and flexibility demands.

Please feel free to contact us at for more information.