Q: Is it true that your credo for a press release is “no one cares about your game”?

A: Partly. We usually add “unless you make them”at the end.

It is always about telling the story of the company – anyone can make a game, so for us the interesting question is: “Why did you make a game?”

We regularly produce press releases and corporate communication as requested and we have a lot of experience with working together with customers to achieve the desired results – from the early brainstorming phase to final fact-checking and proofing.

For years we published the Danish games magazine Gameplay, which is still alive on Facebook. We have published various magazines and publications both on our own and for clients.

Layout, printing, publishing, writing – if you have a project, feel free to contact us to hear if we can help


Q: Is it true that it took you almost 4 years to publish a children’s book?

A: Hrmn. Well, yes. It was a love child and we wanted to make it perfect. We got very close.

Our publishing branch has over the years turned into a project based production house. Starting with our magazine and a few books (about Minecraft and about the Danish games industry), we are currently involved in the below project (in no particular order):

Videnskabshistorier for børn – Danish children’s book about the history of science, specifically the Natural Revolution.

Facebook page here

The Knomes – Cross-media endeavour based on Jan Kjærs fantastic books about the colourful Knomes. Website available really soon!

Tidslommen – In collaboration with Apex VE and Museum Vestsjælland we created an AR experience for visitors at some of the museum’s guests.

Website (in Danish) here

Crime Calls – We just started working on a crime tale for Amazon’s Echo speaker, utilising the AI of Alexa. Voice control is on the rise and we have jumped on the train already.

Your project? Production, financing, collaboration, great products, new territories. We are always up for coffee to talk about options.