Q: Is it true that you use the Finnish translation to measure the max. length of any Nordic translation?

A: Yes. Pretty sure Finnish has most languages covered – if Finnish fits the text box, almost all other languages do too.

Our specialty is dubbing and translation into the Nordic languages – Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. We have a tight and very experienced network of translators and partner studios (and of course our own studio and team in Copenhagen) who help us deliver top quality every day.

We have been around as a company since 2010 and have worked with most major publishers, localization vendors and developers within the gaming industry.

On top of this we do PR material, causal games with fast, daily updates and original audio and text production for games – please ask.

Via partners we can help you out with pretty much any language in the world, so feel free to ask.

And yes, we use CAT tools as well – all of them …


Q: Is it true that you invented the word “Rygraket” as the Danish translation for “Jetpack”?

A: Honestly, we are not sure. We used the word in Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction in 2007 and we are pretty confident no one had used it before.

Our approach to audio is always based on the project at hand. Is it for children? For adults? How can we best make budget and quality meet? Who would be the best team to do this?

We have a fully equipped audio studio available in-house with advanced hardware specifications suited for even the most technically demanding requests and have solid partner studios in all the Nordic countries.

Over the years, we have worked with everything from video game and cartoon dubbing to commercial speak, instruction/tutorial voice-overs, voice synthesizers and many other projects.

We had great fun working with Logic Artists on the trailer below, but you can also see more of our work on our YouTube channel here